Monday, February 11, 2008

Seroco and Conley Camera History 1900-1924

This blog is dedicated to all those who have a passion for collecting early Sears and Roebuck cameras. There seems to be an ever increasing interest in Seroco and Conley cameras manufactured between 1897 and 1924. It is hoped that this venue will encourage comments from the casual to the serious collector of these beautiful cameras.

Beginning in 1900, Seroco cameras were sold by mail order catalog to the American public. This brand of Sears cameras was sold until 1907. Beginning in 1908, the Seroco camera name was changed to Conley. Conley cameras would be sold until 1924.

This is just the beginning. In days to come, I will add additional information. Please feel free to leave your comment or just say "hi". Hopefully this blog can become a forum for the exchange of information by Seroco and Conley enthusiasts.